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Weight loss

Hi Mr Holmes,

Well I’m pleased to say that things are going well. My once tight jeans are now looser on me and I have had several people ask if I’m losing weight Yippee!!
Also due to the IBS and underactive thyroid I use to feel ill with stomach pains/bloating due to eating to much and I would feel tired (even though I’m taking my medication) and not have much energy, so I’m very happy that I’m feeling much healthier now and I have more energy now. My kids often find me dancing around the kitchen when preparing their dinner lol.
The only thing that I still struggle with is leaving food on my plate (unless we are having mash) but using the smaller plate must be working plus I’m trying to put less on it.
Still not weighed myself but I’m 100% sure that I’ve lost weight due to my once tight jeans now feeling looser and my work trousers seem looser and strangely enough they drag on the floor a little now (I have to keep pulling them up) so I must have lost some weight off my waist and hips so will need to wear a belt.
I did think that due to my health issues I would find losing weight a big problem and came to you as a last resort because I had been to my Dr but the tablets he gave me didn’t work and I didn’t want surgery, so I was thinking I couldn’t loose weight due to the health problems. So when I saw that clip on embarrassing bodies I thought I would give it a try and if it didn’t work then I obviously cant lose weight.

I would definately say that your sessions have helped me and I’m very much looking forward to 6 months or a year’s time when hopefully I will be a dress size or two smaller if I keep going the way I’m going.
Many Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards,



After trying every diet going I decided to visit David Holmes almost as a last resort – not really believing that hypnotherapy could help in my battle to be in control of what and when I eat.
Despite being a total cynic and being wary of being hypnotised I have been delighted and amazed that after only one session I find that food is no longer constantly in my thoughts.
I am already losing weight with no effort and am now confident that I can go on to achieve more weight loss and eat normally after decades of dieting.
I would recommend anyone to try hypnotherapy – there is nothing to fear and so much to gain.



 Hi ,

I really enjoyed my sessions. The hypnotherapy itself was extremely relaxing and David made me feel very comfortable about the whole process and explained exactly what would happen. Although I initially came to have some help with my weight issues I actually found that it helped me in many more ways, such as enabling me to complete a very stressful time at university with a calm feeling which I hadn’t previously had.

David managed to make me smile and laugh and feel that all was not lost in a friendly yet professional way.



Since having hypnotherapy with you to help me with weight loss, I have managed to lose 16lb. I had a constant craving for biscuits (I would as you put it, “float into biscuit land” several times a day) I no longer do this. I have the occasional biscuit with a cuppa, but that’s normal.

Thank you so much for your help.



Hi David,

I found your sessions to be most helpful. I felt very relaxed and at ease, you were very easy to talk to and I found you to be a very good listener. I found the sessions helpful with the cravings for biscuits, I am more in control with things now thanks to you.The best part for me was when I woke from Hypnotherapy to smell coal burning in your house, only to be told by you there was no coal fire there. That’s what I call good Hypnotherapy

Kind regards


Emotional issues

I looked into hypnotherapy to try and get rid of my habit which is chewing/biting the inside of my mouth. I did some research and looked at all sorts of different hypnotherapists and their websites. I decided to try David as I felt that I didn’t want to use the stereotypical route of hypnotherapists i.e , the peace lovers/hippies from the 70’s. I wanted someone that looked professional so that I could put my full belief into this therapy and that it would be successful. Even though it was a little more expensive, I felt more confident that it might work for those reasons. I was a bit sceptical as to whether it would work or not but felt that if it did work than surely the £75 invested in trying to improve myself would be well worth it. On the day of my appointment I was a little nervous but felt hopeful. David makes you feel comfortable and at ease fairly quickly.
After the appointment I left feeling positive, I wasn’t sure whether it had worked or not and to be honest was only thinking it might work for a day or two but surprisingly it had worked and have now been free of my habit for several weeks and am certain it isn’t going to come back.

It was definitely worth the investment and am really happy I went ahead with the appointment. I would certainly recommend David to anybody and be confident talking to them about my experience with him.



Was a bit nervous at first, but it is definitely the best thing I’ve done.

Months have passed and I’m still feeling the positive effects of the treatment.

Achieving all the things which I was previously too scared to do – definitely the best personal investment I’ve made in a long time.

The thought of hypnosis was scaring at first, but all very professional, and felt at ease immediately – really couldn’t recommend it highly enough – feels that everyone should do this to improve themselves

Suffered badly with anxiety and it was stopping me from doing many basic tasks, including enjoying myself out either on my own or with family and friends, going to new places, even going to the shops was a trauma, however after treatment I caught a bus on my own without the ‘usual’ anxiety feelings – been out to dinner in new places, enjoying going to the cinema and meeting new people.



Dear David,

Thank you for your help, I was very sceptical about Hypnotherapy before I came to see you. I had a very traumatic incident in the past that stopped me from leading a normal life, my partner found your website and asked me to come and see you and I am very glad that I came. You’ve helped me to settle my mind and move on, I would definitely recommend your services to other people in the future, it’s been a godsend.

Thank you once again for all your help,



I had successfully used hypnotherapy to give up smoking five years ago and so when I found myself in a situation that I knew I needed a different perspective to try to resolve, I felt that hypnotherapy could offer me that support

I needed to regain self confidence and self worth that had gradually been undermined in a long term relationship with a very forceful and troubled partner.

I was delighted to be offered an introductory meeting (at no charge) which would allow me to judge whether I felt David was the right person to assist me and allow David to assess if I was a suitable candidate for hypnotherapy. Subsequently I had two sessions which I found very helpful as they enabled me to look more objectively at the issues troubling me and resolve a number of positive strategies which were reinforced during the actual hypnotherapy element. This is obviously a ‘work in progress’ and I shall have no hesitation in consulting David in the future for additional hypnotherapy when I feel I need that encouragement.

I would certainly recommend David as an excellent hypnotherapist


Sarah Knight


Thanks David
I went to see David as a last resort. I had tried counseling and talking to try and sort out my problems, but none of it worked. I was a little skeptical at first but David was really thorough. For years I had a short fuse and concentrated on the negatives in life. These combined, made me argumentative, stressed and paranoid. This was affecting my marriage and my work. I was scared to lose my wife because of this. Most of the time I was fine but when I started with these negatives I was not a nice person.

David turned down these emotions. Whatever you think about hypnotherapy, David with his magic voice, it works. I am a lot more positive. I step back and assess situations more clearly and feel a lot more in control.
I would like to say thanks to David it has been life changing.



Hello David,

I am doing well, thank you. The therapy has definitely benefited me. I no longer think inwardly as much as I did, if I do find myself worrying about my health for example I manage to change my mind set or try and ignore the thought.

I also don’t panic as much, I’m a lot calmer. I find myself being able to manage whereas before I didn’t feel in control.

Thank you so much for your help and support.

Kind regards,



Dear David,

The hypnosis really did the job. It worked like magic…  Thank you for your guidance.

Many thanks

Chris. Plymouth




Hi David

Thanks for your email. Sorry not to reply sooner, but just seem to be very busy at the moment.

I do think that our sessions have benefited me. Lots of things seem to be much clearer. I am noticing that:

.) I am generally more organized

.) I have been swimming – just went and packed my things together and did it.

.) I am working longer hours (am no longer restricting myself and my clients by setting limiting times for appointments)

.) am being more determined and setting boundaries about what I want from personal relationships.

All in all I think I am a much more positive frame of mind. I would like to come and see you again sometime in the future and have been recommending you to some of my clients.

Many thanks



Fears and Phobias


Since having hypnotherapy for anxiety and a fear of flying. My life has changed I feel happy and confident and have learnt not to worry about issue’s that are out of my control!

Flying is no longer an issue! I have just been on a fourteen hour flight and thought nothing of it!

I would 100 % recommend David,

Many thanks,



Public speaking

Hi David,
The wedding was on Saturday and my speech was fantastic. Even got asked to email copies to other future ‘Father of Brides’. Hardly any nerves at all and congratulated by most of the guests. Great day thanks to you.
Kind regards


Hi David,

All is going really well.

The presentation I did went really well … I quite enjoyed it!

Believe it or not I’ve actually been scoring at football too – previously unheard of!

Thank you for your help, you’ve really made difference and I’m much more comfortable and happy.



Thanks  David,

I did still feel a bit nevous but not terrified like I was before. During the day I was really calm and able to listen to the other speakers without dreading mine or being in “my own little world”. My presentation went well and I actually enjoyed it. This wouldn’t have been the case before!
Many thanks again.

Amy C





After many years of broken and poor sleep and having tried the many tablets and herbal remedies available and the more unconventional approach of acu-puncture then in “desperation” my partner suggested I tried hypnotherapy.

Whilst I had no prior knowledge or experience of this kind of help I can honestly say that after just 2 sessions the general quality of my sleep had improved quite significantly.

I would not hesitate to use your services again should the need ever arise and would be more than happy to recommend you to family and friends.

Thank you




Breaking habits

My nail biting habit spanned 30 years and on countless occasions I have tried to break the habit but without success. A friend had tried hypnotherapy to help give up smoking so, as a last resort, I considered this therapy.

I attended an initial consultation where David explained everything I wanted to know in a simple and straightforward manner. I was comfortable with the information provided so I thought I’d give it a try.

The session lasted about an hour and I would describe it as a very relaxing and uplifting experience. I was aware of everything that David said throughout the session – contrary to images in the media, you are not ‘out of the room’! Following the session, I felt as if I’d enjoyed a peaceful sleep but I know that was not the case. I felt calm, relaxed and very happy.

Since the session, I have not bitten my nails. On occasion I will feel the urge to bite them but I am conscious of this and stop myself doing so.

I would certainly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who wishes to break a bad habit.

Best wishes,

Jo Dibsdale


When all else had failed I had a recommendation for hypnotherapy to finally resolve my 28 years of severe nail biting. At first I was sceptical as so many other techniques had failed and I knew my will power was not enough to cure my habit but I thought I would give hypnotherapy a try. David made me feel very relaxed and reassured during my 30 minute free consultation and reassured me that my habit was common and if I wanted to stop nail biting then the session was likely to be successful.

From only one session I have not had the urge to bite my nails, nor have I felt as anxious or stressed. I thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy to anybody who needs a cure for their nail biting! Many thanks David for you help”.

Becky Martyn


Hypnotherapy really does work!?? I can not praise this guy enough. I had always been anxious and sceptical of hypnotherapy but I wanted to stop biting my nails and lose weight. After my first session (which David makes you feel very at ease) as the weeks went by I had nails and felt more and more confident, I had my second session yesterday for my weight and I’m already excited about the results. I still can’t get over how great I feel.

Thanks David!

Jane Pearce



Hi David

After smoking for several years I made many attempts to quit.  Despite trying everything from patches to electronic cigarettes, the most success I achieved was being able to go a month or two without smoking. I even went for NHS meetings but no matter what I tried I just kept going back to the habit.  I had heard hypnotherapy had great success rates for helping people quit so decided to give it go.

Now, almost a year later, I have not touched a single cigarette.  I feel better in every way and am so pleased I made the decision to try hypnotherapy  I would recommend anyone trying to quit to give it go as it made my journey 100 times easier. The thought of a cigarette now just doesn’t even phase me and I know it is something I will never go back to.

So thank you David for helping me get smoke-free!!



Dear David,

Thanks from a Non smoking
Pat Dyer

” I just forgot about cigarettes completely… I feel so calm.”

A. South Hams



Before visiting David’s website I was at my wits end with drinking and felt I had no control over my habit. I contacted David through his website and an appointment was hastily arranged, since I work abroad I wanted an end to the problem as soon as possible. I visited David for the free session lasting half an hour or so and felt immediately at ease and positive on leaving. My first session went brilliantly and the next session followed 1 week later. I left knowing I’d turned my back on a poisonous habit and changed my life for ever.
I found David very easy to speak to, his positivity is infectious, and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again or to recommend him to anyone.

Jim Leadham.


“I’m pleased to say I don’t think I need our Friday appointment. I’ve been doing pretty well since last Thursdays visit.”

Thanks for your help!

Maggie – South Hams


Test nerves

Hi David,

I have great news! I passed my driving test today!!
This was down to you & your help! So thank you so very much!
I am so relieved & in shock! I didn’t think I could do it & felt like backing out last minute too! Which I am glad I didn’t!
Thanks again David for everything!
Kind regards,

Hi David,

I have definately made progress with my driving. My confidence is improving just need to improve my skills! The sessions were of benefit as I doubt I woud have got into the driving seat without them.

Thank you



Dear David,

Thank you very much!

You are right, it is amazing!!  – though that is thanks to you and your help!  I honestly, before I met you would have rather been shot than take the test!  That’s how bad it was.

It would have definitely been helpful to have that session with you though I thought I would be brave and see if I could handle the anxiety and control it on my own, which I did quite well & I actually wouldn’t mind doing it again if I had too!

Thank you so much again David!


“I was so calm when I was taking my test, I really did not believe it. Even my instructor said it goes to show hypnosis really works.”

J. Plymouth

A final thought…

How much longer are you willing to put up with that issue?

“Sportsmen and women, business leaders, actors and even popstars have their own coaches and therapists to help them overcome difficult times or achieve their best”

Do you deserve any less?

David Holmes Dip,hyp. GHR


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